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What do you eat to make your muscles grow faster

What do you eat to make your muscles grow faster?

The dilemma of how to achieve your dream body and big muscles is becoming more and more common. This is a question that both women and men ask. No wonder, because everyone wants to look good. If we want to have more muscles, we have to diminish the fat tissue. It is necessary to develop a dietary plan taking into account the calorific demand for specific ingredients. This will allow us to check how much and what our body should take every day. We should also remember that it is important to diversify the diet into products that can be used interchangeably, so that the diet is not monotonous. It is obligatory to consume vegetables, which will additionally support the digestive system in digesting the consumed meals. The correct calculation of the daily calorific demand will allow us to provide our body with as much energy as it is necessary to achieve our goal.

Table of content

  1. Wondering what you can eat right after a workout?
  2. Supplementation
  3. Nutrition plan
  4. List of essential ingredients

Wondering what you can eat right after a workout?

The best results are provided by a combination of carbohydrates and protein. It is recommended to take more protein than simple carbohydrates after a workout. Based on the research carried out, it can be seen that the best results are achieved when a meal is eaten up to one hour after the exercise.


More and more athletes are choosing to supplement their diets with various weight-enhancing supplements aimed at providing the body with an excess of nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts. It is safe to see that properly applied supplementation accelerates muscle growth without unnecessary growth of fat tissue. An excellent supplement affecting the appearance of our muscles is creatine, which contributes to the increase of muscle mass, as it significantly helps to increase strength and thus can lift higher weights. It has been noted that taking supplementation with creatine is possible for better muscle regeneration. A supplementation known as ginine (mixture of carbohydrates and protein), which helps to increase the calorie intake during the day, is very popular. Gainer helps to replenish carbohydrate and protein deficiencies in liquid form, making it easily assimilated and accessible. It is convenient, especially for people who are not used to eating in large quantities or the conditions and mode of operation make it difficult for them. [1]

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Nutrition plan

In order to achieve satisfying results, we should rethin our dietary plan in such a way that each meal provides the body with an appropriate portion of nutrients. Protein deserves a special mention here, as it stimulates muscle mass synthesis. It is recommended to eat protein-containing meals every 3-4 hours at least 4 times a day. Average nutritional values have been developed and should be taken during the day to build muscle mass in a short time:

  • protein: 1.2-2.3 g/kg body weight,
  • Carbohydrates: 5-6 g/kg body weight,
  • fats: 25-35% of total energy requirements.

Are you wondering which products to choose in order to provide the most nutrients? It appears in turkey and veal meat, eggs, quinoa, buckwheat, Greek yoghurt and those that have up to 2% fat, or lentils, chickpeas. To enrich your body with carbohydrates, choose oat flakes and bran, wholegrain pasta, legumes, bran, potatoes, or white and brown rice. Healthy fats should be sought in olive oil, sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, almonds, nuts, or pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


In order to build muscle mass, it is recommended to eat up to 6 meals a day approximately every three hours. Don't forget to hydrate your body properly because it is water that supplies each cell with nutrients and cleanses the body from toxins.

List of essential ingredients

  1. Eggs, which contain lots of valuable vitamins and minerals, are enriched with riboflavin, folic acid, vitamins B6, B12 , D and E, iron, phosphorus and zinc. [2]
  2. Natural yoghurt, possibly with fruit but no sugar added, contains conjugated linoleic acid, which reduces body fat,
  3. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids that prevent muscle breakdown and help increase muscle strength and girth,
  4. water - adequate hydration has a significant impact on building muscle mass. The more you dehydrate your body, the slower the weight gain will progress.
  5. Coffee strengthens, energizes and stimulates the body.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are a source of valuable nutrients, also have a good influence on our diet. It i salso suggested to introduce leguminous vegetables to the diet. When they are combined with other ingredients, the meals become well balanced.

fruits and vegetables for mass build

You need to realize that a well-balanced diet combined with physical activity provides the best results in the struggle to achieve your dream silhouette and strong muscle mass. Plan your menu today, introduce exercises and make your day more enjoyable with a high-quality supplement and enjoy your muscles.

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