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How to improve the appearance of your muscles

Do you dream of a carved figure?

Do you not know how to improve your muscle mass in a short time?

Unfortunately, there is no single best solution to achieve a satisfying result. This is related to the fact that the process of building muscle mass in each of us is different. It is determined by genes, way of eating, lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is a process that requires sacrifices and determination. However, at the very end there is a goal that sooner or later can be achieved. The dream muscle mass is the result of successive work and repetition of exercises that we carry out for weeks. It is safe to say that building muscle mass is a process of implementing a previously adopted action plan.

The basic assumption necessary to build muscle mass is to regulate the metabolism of our body. Metabolic reactions can be divided into two groups: anabolic and catabolic. To improve the appearance of our muscles we need to focus on anabolic reactions while reducing catabolic reactions. Are you wondering what these anabolic reactions are? Generally speaking, these are reactions, the purpose of which is to convert simple substrates (amino acids, sugars and their polymers) into complex forms (amino acids -> proteins -> tissues -> muscles). It has been proven that an adequate calorific surplus is necessary to achieve this objective. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that in young people the process of weight building is much faster than in older people. It happens because during growth and puberty anabolic reactions naturally prevail in the body. Unfortunately, they weaken with age due to decreasing levels of anabolic hormones.


Nevertheless, it is worth noting that since anabolic and catabolic reactions can be noted in every organism, we are able to influence the advantage of one or the other. By approaching the building of muscle mass we are able to influence the prevalence of anabolic reactions, which affect the development of the body, increase in strength and amount of muscle tissue. In addition, adequate knowledge and determination are able to reduce the anabolism of adipose tissue. But remember, it cannot be completely eliminated.

Building muscle mass is a process that requires sacrifice and self-discipline. Are you wondering where to start? We will tell you how to achieve the best results in a few steps.

Table of content

  1. Take care of the right calorie surplus
  2. Take care of the protein
  3. Remember about an appropriate supplementation

Take care of the right calorie surplus

Are you wondering why calorie surplus plays such an important role in the mass building process? It can be explained as providing the body with more calories that we give the signal to increase the number of anabolic reactions. The supply of more calories can be treated as a signalling factor. However, we have to bear in mind that the calorific demand of each of us looks completely different. Why? The caloric demand is determined by age, gender as well as the level of physical activity we do during the day. You can use the highly regarded dietary calculators to help you determine this caloric requirement. With this knowledge, we need to introduce an appropriate energy surplus into our diet. To avoid an undesirable effect in the form of fat structure, it should be done wisely and step by step. In the initial stage, this calorific surplus should be 100-200 kcal or 10% of total energy demand. In the next step, add another 100-200 kcal or increase the calorie surplus by 5%. Watch your body and react at the right moments.

right calorie surplus

Take care of the protein

It is no longer known that protein has a decisive effect on building muscle mass [1]. Numerous studies show that as little as 1.62 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day affects a change in sculpture. However, it has to be kept in mind that exceeding 1.8 g of protein per 1 kg per day can have a bad effect on weight building as too much protein leads to vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies. As a result, the anabolic metabolism of muscle proteins may be impaired. On the other hand, protein deficiency will make it impossible to build muscle mass. In addition, it cannot be overlooked that the lack of valuable amino acids increases catabolic reactions.


What products are best used to enrich the diet with protein? It is advisable to choose eggs, dairy, meat, fish, pulses, nuts, protein shakes.

Remember about an appropriate supplementation

A wide range of supplements is available on our market, thanks to which it is possible to quickly achieve a satisfying effect in the form of expanded muscle mass. The supplement is easily accessible and easily assimilated, which makes it highly appreciated by athletes. It is important to choose high quality products with proven effectiveness. Read the composition of the suggested supplements and choose the one that suits you best and enjoy the mass you have developed.


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