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How to destroy and build?

It is a commom question whether burning fat tissue and building muscle mass can take place at the same time. The question is only about the speed at which these changes will take place. It can even be said that by deciding to build muscle mass, we are able to transform fat tissue into muscles. This is due to the fact that a positive calorie balance is necessary when building up the mass, and in turn, when deciding to reduce body fat, we must strive to achieve its deficit. In other words, we can use the accumulated body fat to stimulate and support the muscle building process when energy is not supplied from additional food.

Studies show that people who are overweight can burn fat faster and thus build muscle mass more effectively than slim people. How is that possible? This is due to the fact that even with little physical activity such people burn fat and build muscle mass at the same time. You may even be tempted to say that the more fat and less muscle such a person has, the greater will be the ability to strengthen the body. People should also not be discouraged when the process is a little longer, because it is much harder to build up mass when there is not enough accumulated fat deposits. People should not be discouraged from further attempts to achieve the body they dream of.


Were you made to interrupt the exercises, and now you are afraid you have to start from scratch? Nothing could be further from the truth. Our muscles remember the effort before. Once our muscles have gone some way before, it is much easier for them to get back to their previous size than to achieve it from the beginning. This is due to the fact that during exercise, cellular nuclei are developed, which do not disappear when we stop training. It is called muscle memory.

When deciding to start training , it is neceaasry to take into account the following issues:

  • expectations,
  • how we assess the condition,
  • whether we start training for the first time or come back after a break.

This is all the more important as it is up to you to choose the most effective form of training to achieve satisfying results in the shortest possible time.

mass training

The experience shows that the best results can be achieved by combining aerobic training with strength training. Even better results are within the reach by introducing interval training.

Nevertheless, people must be aware that building muscle is one thing, but the proper regeneration of the body is something different. Muscles need to have a chance to rest and reconstruct.


Of course, everything also depends on various factors, including the determination of gender, since the body of an average woman can consist of 24 to 26 percent of muscle mass, while in men it reaches 40 percent or more. It is needless to worry, however, because with properly selected exercises, proper nutrition and strength training aimed at building muscle, women can achieve similar results as men. Are you an active woman and dream of a carved body? Concentrate on three aspects: training, proper nutrition and following healthy habits, and the results will certainly meet your expectations. Although the process of building muscle is slower in women than in men, do not be discouraged. You have to set yourself up for a lot of effort, self-denial and self-discipline.

Table of content

  1. Appropriate training
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Healthy habits are essential
  4. Appropriate supplementation

Appropriate training

  • work regularly, not just occasionally,
  • forget about routine and habit, but change your exercises every day so that your muscles do not get used to them,
  • increase the load on your muscles gradually, start with small loads by moving on to lifting,
  • introduce cardio-type exercises that burn fat around the muscles.
muscle gain training

Proper nutrition

What is more, it is neceaary to remember about the optimal way of eating, as this is the only way to build muscle mass effectively.

  • before each workout, provide your body with the right amount of protein, as it is this protein that stimulates muscle building by increasing your muscle fibres,
  • Do not exaggerate the carbohydrate intake (in women the optimal daily dose is about 200 grams),
  • include creatine in your diet because it improves your endurance and helps to burn fat, and at the same time it influences the building of muscles, strength.
muscle gain diet

Healthy habits are essential

  • Remember to rest and regenerate your muscles, as your muscles grow when they are just resting,
  • ensure that the body is properly hydrated to minimise the risk of muscle spasms,
  • Remember to eat before training, otherwise your body will burn your muscles and not your fat tissue,
healthy diet

Appropriate supplementation

The correct supplementation contributes:

  • to improve health,
  • to achieve better results,
  • to get an extra portion of energy,
  • to supplement the body with deficiencies in vitamins and microelements.
muscle mass supplement

It is undeniable that within a short period of time from the start of application, the improvement in endurance will be visible. Moreover, the condition as well as self-esteem will improve.

What is more, it has been scientifically proven that greater physical effort also leads to better well-being and thus higher self-esteem. This is noticeable in both women and men, regardless of age.

Plan the entire muscle mass building process now and enjoy the achieved results.

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