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Do you want to increase your muscle strength?

Do you want to increase your muscle strength?

When you start a workout, you must be aware that the process of building muscle mass and thus increasing your strength is a long-term one. It may happen that you sometimes have to wait a little while for satisfying results. In order to take full advantage of the time spent on building muscles and strength, we should focus on a properly constructed workout as well as a well-balanced diet.

Perform as many repetitions as recommended. Do not worry that with less repetition, the volume of your muscles will be smaller. It is vital to remember about proper muscle regeneration. Following the training rules, the volume of muscle mass will certainly not decrease.


Hypertrophy is a phase of muscle growth. During the first few workouts you may feel fatigue or muscle pain, but after some time you will feel less and less pain and regeneration will be faster. You do not have to be afraid of anything because pain and fatigue are a signal that the body reacts to current stimuli,. As a result, muscle growth will be affected. When you stop feeling fatigue and pain, you should think about changing your training workouts.

The strength phase consists of a series of repetitions of a given exercise. For example, it may look like you have to do 4-6 series of a given exercise with 3-5 repetitions each. This also involves increasing the load on each workout. In the event that your body can no longer bear the load, go back to hypertrophic training. A change will be notices and you will be able to work with more weight in the new hypertrophic phase. How is that possible? This is the result of the force phase you just completed.


It turns out to be extremely important to adapt the training to users own needs because each of us has different predispositions and expectations of the training. You may find that you will be performing strength and hypertrophic phases in a ratio of 1:1, as well as 3:1. Changing the ratio of performed exercises does not involve any regression because all the time your muscles are working and you feel the flow of extra strength. If you decide to introduce more repetitions of the hypertrophic phase, remember to change the variant of the exercises performed, change the machines and devices used to perform particular exercises. Changing exercises during the training phase stimulates our muscles through new stimuli, which in turn is necessary to achieve satisfactory results.


What is more, we have to be aware that inconspicuous small changes can have great effects. We mean to change the technique of performing certain exercises. They can give the muscles an impulse to work even more efficiently. Suggestions for changes in workouts will be presented here:

  • Spread your foot wider when doing barbell squats to reduce the distance between your buttocks and the floor.
  • change the angle of your elbows when pressing on a bench. You will then work on the breast muscle fibres in the part closer to the sternum.
  • Choose barbells with a thinner griffin and develop muscles in the wrists and forearms.

At the same time we emphasize that it is important to introduce additional rules to the training:

  • Use more file measuring exercises to increase muscle flexibility,
  • Introduce a quick series of exercises using a barbell or dumbbell that involve several joints, such as bending, dead thrust, squeezing and lifting from the floor,
  • use the heavy loads that will stimulate the nervous system globally,
  • Do the exercises at high acceleration because thanks to this dynamic loads act on the weight. It will allow the development of muscle strength,
  • Remember to take sufficiently long breaks to allow you to rest before the next series. As the nervous system requires proper regeneration, you need to remember about prolonged rest before proceeding to the next series.
  • exercise on a stable surface,
  • keep the testosterone high.

If you want to improve the strength of your muscles, you do not have to look at their volume, as in some cases more volume can only interfere. You must realize that strength does not only depend on the size of the muscles but also on the performance of the whole body. What is more, itis possible to engage large parts of the muscles during exercise and to accelerate the frequency of burning neurons and fibres in the muscles.


An exercise is one thing and a diet is another. The combination of these two aspects provides excellent, satisfying results. If we want to build muscles, it is necessary tio prepare a calorie-positive diet. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are introducing high-quality protein and carbohydrate supplements and nutrients into their diet. Their task is to supplement the calories of the food in an easy and accessible way. You must realize that weight gain will occur if the calorie surplus is large enough. However, it must be small enough that the body cannot store too much body fat.


Let us not forget about the proper regeneration of our body, because that is when the body rebuilds damaged muscle fibres and heals itself. Let us ensure 7-8 hours of sleep a day, which is a minimum. In order to maintain full efficiency and optimal regeneration, we should sleep 8-9 hours a day and naps are also recommended. Regeneration also results from proper stretching, or massages, which will perfectly accelerate the development of muscle mass and help maintain the efficiency of the body. The muscles will be more flexible and stronger, which, in turn, reduces the risk of injury.

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