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How to build muscle mass step by step

How to build muscle mass step by step?

Would you like to explore how to improve your muscle mass in a short time?

You need to find a way to combine a well-designed diet with a meticulously prepared workout and series of exercises. The progression is the result of following guidelines aimed at increasing muscle mass. In order to achieve the silhouette of a dream, it is necessary to be determined in pursuit of the goal. You must realize that achieving your dream silhouette is actually a lifestyle change that includes training, diet, regeneration and proper supplementation.

Table of content

  1. Increase your carbohydrate intake
  2. Provide the right portion of fats
  3. Bet on protein
  4. Select complex carbohydrates before training
  5. Appropriate supplementation
  6. Take care of the calorie surplus
  7. Appropriate training
  8. Regeneration is also needed
  9. Take a positive attitude.

Increase your carbohydrate intake


Taking more carbohydrates increases the anabolic level of insulin hormone as well as the supply of glycogen to muscles. The glycogen influences the delivery of more water to the muscles, so we can get the impression that they are bigge. Moreover, the presence of a high amount of glycogen indicates that muscles are ready to growth. The low amount of glycogen leads to breaking down muscle cells in order to obtain energy. When building muscle mass, it is advisable to consume at least 5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of the body mass.

Provide the right portion of fats

The research shows that testosterone is one of the most important anabolic hormones that build up our muscle mass [1]. How to increase testosterone levels? Just enrich your diet with meals with a slightly higher fat content. It is extremely important to choose those healthy fats that we can find in fish, walnuts, olive oil and peanut butter. Although carbohydrates are very important when building muscle mass, we must remember that fat intake is between 20 and 30% of the daily energy requirement.

Bet on protein

When building muscle mass, it is extremely important to take large amounts of protein. The optimal protein level should be 1.8 - 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It is suggested to focus on proteins from eggs, meat, fish and dairy products, among others. What if it is impossible to provide enough protein into the body? At such moments, we can opt for protein supplements, which are very popular by the way. In addition, it is important to take proteins both before and after workouts. The excellent results are achieved by taking fast digested protein 30 minutes before training. This is whey protein, which will maximise the synthesis of muscle proteins in a short period of time. Moreover, it will increase blood flow to muscles at the same time. On the other hand, eating whey protein after workouts contributes to increased protein synthesis and consequently muscle growth. Muscle fibres do not grow during a workout, but afterwards. In addition, the intake of protein after training affects faster and better regeneration after training.


Select complex carbohydrates before training

Studies show meals before the workout that include complex carbohydrates, i.e. slowly absorbed, have an imfluence on:

  • the flow of extra energy,
  • less feeling of fatigue, so training can take longer,
  • a feeling of satiety for longer
  • faster fat burning. [2]

Appropriate supplementation

More and more people decide to use proper supplementation during training, which proves to be very helpful in building muscle mass. Choosing the right supplement contributes to increasing the testosterone content with leads to muscle growth. Moreover, high quality supplements add energy, reduce the feeling of hunger and allow for longer workouts.


Take care of the calorie surplus

A dietary calculator is helpful, thanks to which it is possible to know the caloric demand. The caloric demand is adapted to age, gender, as well as physical activity. When determining this calorific demand, we should slightly exceed it, by about 10% of total energy demand. Remember, however, that you should not overeat, but only take care of an adequate energy surplus.

Appropriate training

Properly designed training is the key to success. It is necessary to remember that during weight training you have to lift heavy loads (about 80% of the maximum) with small amounts of repetitions in a series. From the experience of the trainers, it can be concluded that it is important to increase the load systematically during the next trainings.


Regeneration is also needed

We realize that training is important, but we must not forget about regeneration. We need to give the muscles the opportunity to regenerate properly, as this is the only way for them to grow. The condition for proper regeneration is to provide the body with a long and deep sleep. Why is that so important? During sleep the body secrete hormones and leads to the develeopment of proper muscle mass. Moreover, sleep also ensures the regeneration of overworked muscle fibres. At the same time, we must be aware that the regeneration also affects the proper functioning of joints, ligaments and tendons, which can be quite strongly exploited during workouts.

Take a positive attitude.

Remember to approach each task with the right attitude, as this is half of the success. You have to turn off the idea that you are unable to do something. Keep telling yourself, "I can do it! I'm gonna make it.

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