Ranking 2020:
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The ranking of muscle mass supplements of the year 2020

The supplements for building muscle mass are no surprise in 2020. They are used by almost everyone, professionals and even amateurs. Each of us would like to be able to impress with a great body. However, finding an effective and safe supplement is sometimes very difficult.

There are supplements from well-known British companies. These companies can be met from the other side after various scandals. What is about with them? Are yhty worth using or not? We decided to create a ranking of the best products that meet 1 common condition: they are safe for health.

How did we create the ranking?

First, a list of all the supplements available in England was created. It was very time-consuming but it paid off. All products that are potentially dangerous to health were rejected. The next step was to summarize the ingredients - their quantity and concentration. Moreover, the opinions on the bodybuilding forums were taken into account and thanks to this some supplements gained and others lost.

But that is not all. The last step in building this ranking was an objective, anonymous survey among professionals. Several dozen athletes took part in total, thanks to whom the ranking was redefined even further.

In the end, the three best legal products were selected. They are based on natural ingredients. They are safe for health.

Nutrigo Lab Mass
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Effects scale 10
Speed of action scale 10
Muscle development scale 10
Security scale 10
Price scale 10
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icon Purchase Security   
icon Safety of use
Mass Extreme
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Effects scale 9,9
Speed of action scale 9,8
Muscle development scale 10
Security scale 10
Price scale 10
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Effects scale 9,6
Speed of action scale 9,4
Muscle development scale 9,5
Security scale 10
Price scale 9,7
Ranking 2020
image Nutrigo Lab Mass

A total No.1 in this ranking is Nutrigo Lab Mass which won the vast majority of points. It is the most frequently recommended conditioner by professionals. It collects a lot of positive opinions on the Internet. It is a good solution for everyone regardless of internship. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients it does not cause any side effects.

The regular use of Nutrigo Lab Mass builds muscle mass effectively, maximizes muscle growth, improves efficiency and increases strength. Nutrigo Lab Mass formula repairs muscle damage caused by workouts and replenishes glycogen stores.

Nutrigo Lab Mass contains the highest quality animal protein in the form of concentrate, Isolac® isolate and Optipep® hydrolysate. In addition, it contains a complex of three types of carbohydrates with different levels of absorption.

What is more, thanks to the AOL formula, l-glutamine and creatine the workouts will move to a completely new level. Using Nutrigo Lab Mass gives noticeable effects. In addition to the effects mentioned above, you can also reduce catabolism, accelerate fat burning, increase growth hormone synthesis and finally exceed the repetition barrier for many exercises.

Moreover, Nutrigo Lab Mass comes in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla. This makes it really tasty compared to the other supplements.

  • It builds muscle mass [1]
  • It increases strength [1]
  • it repairs muscle damage after intensive workouts
  • it replenishes glycogen stores
  • it helps to do more repetitions
  • It increases the synthesis of growth hormone
  • It accelerates fat burning
  • It reduces catabolism
  • It regulates blood sugar levels
  • It maximizes anabolic potential
  • It causes no side effects
  • It is recommended by professionals
  • It is available in two flavours to choose from
  • There are ttractive discounts on the purchase of at least two packages
  • The shipping also abroad
  • None

Daro, 35 years old

I have been going to the gym for almost 10 years and I must admit that I have never had to deal with a conditioner like Nutrigo Lab Mass. Additionally, I recommend to check other Nutrigo Lab products because they are equally awesome. The fact that the price can scare many people away, but it's really worth it. I know what I'm saying. There is a colossal difference between Nutrigo Lab Mass and British nutrients for a few pounds. I've managed to achieve even more. The peak of my efficiency was about 2 or3 years ago, and thanks to Nutrigo Lab Mass I managed to beat some records. I recommend it.

Bart, 24 years old

Hi, this is Bart. You could say I'm a beginner at the gym because I've only been going there for a year. At the beginning I didn't take anything at all, but after such a time it's a duty because there's not much you can do without it. My buddies and I started at the same time and they chose protein and creatine from ***. They made fun of me a little bit because I chose something else, however, it was more about the price. They thought I was naive and threw money in the mud. After three months with Nutrigo Lab Mass I look better than they do and squeeze more. I always recommend this brand to everyone. I have already convinced two colleagues :)

image Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme is a modern product for muscle mass, but not only! The best mass media are characterized by their broad action. What is more, according to Tomasz Kornalewski (multiple medalist of the World Championships in classical bodybuilding) it is No. 1 supplement for building muscle mass.

The regular use of Mass Extreme allows to create body sculpture quickly and spectacularly, to increase muscle mass by up to 96%, to increase strength by up to 147%, and to increase the number of repetitions up to four times.

Mass Extreme contains natural ingredients of the highest quality. It contains acids, such as: 4-amino-butane (GABA), D-Asparticulate (DAA) and phosphatidic (DA). In addition, 5-Deoxy-Adenosylcobalamin, as well as Fenugreek and Mac Root extracts.

The best thing about it all is that the effects from Mass Extreme are not for a while. Once the supplementation is discontinued, the muscles will not start to contract as with other cheaper products. That is what makes men all over the world love this formula.

  • It helps to create muscle mass quickly and spectacularly [1][2][3]
  • It adds a lot of energy [5]
  • It allows more intensive workouts
  • It allows to dilute the mass even by 96% [3]
  • It can increase strength by up to 147% [4]
  • It can increase power by up to 30% [4]
  • It is safe for health
  • It is recommended by professionals
  • There are attractive discounts on the purchase of at least two packages
  • The shipment abroad is possible
  • None

Greg, 36 years old

Mass Extreme is what I needed. I stopped buying new nutrients all the time. Finally, I have something to take another step forward in my bodybuilding world. I thought that the peak of my possibilities was long gone, and I didn't want to use illegal means, which often leave side effects. On the Internet I found Tomasz Kornalewski's opinion and decided to check this supplement. I'm incredibly pleased with the performance. I'm squeezing out much more and I can say that I feel younger:) At first I was a little scared off by the price, but today I know it was worth it.

image Somatodrol

The last supplement included in the ranking is Somatodrol. It is available in many popular shops and over the past few years it has managed to establish itself as a popular supplement for bodybuilders. Christopher Piekarz himself (Gold medalist of PZKFiTS debuts 2014 in category 90+ and champions) speaks very flatteringly about his work.

The regular use of Somatodrol allows you to build muscle mass effectively and to scratch muscles, to regenerate muscles faster after exercise, to increase strength and willingness to have sex, and even to increase the growth hormone level to 26% in a natural way. In addition, it is possible to increase testosterone levels to 30%.

All thanks to scientifically proven ingredients. They range from guarana, arginine, vitamins B6 and B12, beta-alanine, cayenne pepper, niacin to zinc.

  • It helps build muscle mass
  • It adds energy
  • It increases testosterone levels
  • It facilitates muscle regeneration
  • It eliminates cramps and tension
  • It increases the strength and willingness to have sex
  • It increases growth hormone levels
  • It causes no side effects
  • None

Camillo, 28 years old

I was tempted by Somatodrol because it gets pretty good reviews and I was looking for an alternative to cheap protein. It gave nothing but the placebo effect. I think after three months, I can finally have a say in it. I think it's more of a testosterone booster than a weight building conditioner. I noticed the effects in the muscle mass, of course, but not so spectacular. But as a testosterone booster it is doing very well, which is confirmed by the fact of increased sexual drive in particular. The difference is felt in the gym. As for me, the price is a bit high but the most important thing is that it works :D

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Patrick Novac
I haven't heard of Nutrigo Lab yet. I just ordered Mass and Regeneration in a set. It came out cheaper. I recommend
Answer like it          19 minutes ago
Martin W
I ordered Mass Extreme and I just hope there's gonna be some progres in the gym.
Answer like it          an hour ago
I've been using Nutrigo Lab Mass for a long time and I'm not surprised that it's getting louder and louder today. I hope this is the end of those poor British conditioners that don't work. You know what I mean... I recommend Nutrigo lab Mass
Answer 5. like it          3 hours ago
Greg Willow
I learned about Nutrigo Lab from YouTube. A great formula for everyone. I use and recommend
Answer 2. like it          5 hours ago
Camillo Berk
My beginnings in the force were very weak. In general, as I quoted, I practiced dry for six months and only then did I decide on the conditioners with *** (unified by the moderator: we don't want to do anti-advertisement on this website). Some of my friends went into illegal cheering and talked me into it too, but it's not for me. If you help yourself, it's only natural. At first, I chose Nutrigo Lab Burner to burn fat better. So I invested in Nutrigo lab Mass. I finally started to gain weight, but that's not all. I also started to lift heavier weights and to withstand more. I highly recommend this supplement to you if you want to gain weight in a natural way.
Answer 9. like it          10 hours ago
Nutrigo Lab Mass is a bomb. Here the price really equals quality.
Answer like it          12 hours ago
Alex Receiver
I didn't think I'd find something to be really happy about. I finally finished with cheap chemistry and I chose organic ingredients. The difference is huge.
Answer like it          Yesterday
Personnel trainer
As a personal trainer I have not seen such a good natural supplement as mass extreme before. I've been using it for 3 months and the difference is really noticeable.
Answer 2. like it          Yesterday
James lvpl
The price for Nutrigo Lab Mass is a bit high. However, my colleagues and I decided to take a risk. After work, we go to the gym 3 times a week. I have to admit, there is a difference. I'm not a professional, but I feel like I'm doing better. And I started squeezing more. I gained some weight. I feel like it's the muscle mass. We'll see in about two months what the effects will be, because so far it’s less than a month behind me :)
Answer like it          3 days ago
Paul Bush
Somatodrol is more like an supplement for potency;) After the bust, good testosterone booster. The wife also sees the difference ;)
Answer 2. like it          4 days ago
I think that now there is no better way to do it than nutrigo lab mass. I have already taken many supplements and none of them has worked so well. I recommend it.
Answer like it          2 weeks ago
I'm not surprised at Nutrigo Lab's first place. It is not a well-known company but it feels like. There are organix ingredients that are really effective. No more stuffing yourself illegally...
Answer 9. like it          a month ago